Each session of myofascial release is building on the last – ie the effect is cumulative. The focus is to work through the layers of tightness until you have achieved your goals. We will be here to guide you and assist you on what will be most therapeutic for you.

IMMERSION PROGRAM –  6 Days over 2 Weeks

These programs run for 6 days within a two week period and are designed for those suffering from chronic pain or stress that is unresolved from other healing modalities. A MFR Healing Immersion is a private transformational program, held in Brisbane and run by Sheldon Stackpoole – founder of MFR Australia. Sheldon has assisted over 500 clients from throughout the world transform their body and life. This unique program is the first step in your true healing journey – MFR is a therapeutic modality that accesses and releases suppressed pain, emotion and stress that have accumulated over your life-time.

Program includes:

18 hrs of 1:1 MFR
1 Healing Walk in Nature
1 Book – relevant to your situation
4 x 30 min guided mindfulness and coaching

Investment: from $2,500



Initial Session – 2hrs – $240

  • Discuss your history regarding injuries, stress and trauma
  • Full evaluation of your body
  • 75 minutes of hands on MFR treatment and Self Treatment Instruction
  • Two Self-Treatment Balls

Follow up Sessions

 Option 1 – 60mins – $120

  • 60 minutes hands-on MFR treatment and self-treatment instruction

Option 2 – 75mins – $150

  • 75 minutes hands-on MFR treatment and self-treatment instruction


> Please note treatment isn’t covered under private health insurance