Soft Tissue Injury

ESPN Article – Soft Tissue Injuries in Cricket

I was recently interviewed for an article by leading sports website, ESPN, to discuss soft tissue injuries in cricket. The cricket writer, Michael Jeh, is an Oxford Blue who played first-class cricket, and a Playing Member of the MCC. We discuss the importance of treating fascia and how it’s vital to treat myofascial tissue in order to reduce the recurrence of soft tissue injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries include back pain, torn hamstrings and calves, side strains and many other frustrating injuries that hinder performance and can lead to a career long experience with pain and tightness.

To read the article “The Curse of Soft Tissue Injuries” please click on the photo below:

Soft Tissue Injury
Cricket – Soft Tissue Injuries (ref: flickr/S Jagadish)


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