Root Canal

Myofascial Release and Root Canals – Preventing pain naturally

I have been lucky enough to meet a number of innovative people in the healthcare field over the past five years. Two of those, documentary makers Frazer Bailey and Justin Lyons, have made two internationally awarded documentaries E-Motion and most recently Root Cause.
Root Cause investigates the damage that a root canal procedure can have on a person’s long-term health – most notably how the microtubules of the fascia can become toxic because of the dead tissue left inside a person’s mouth. One of my client’s was booked in for the procedure with his dentist and the cost is quite astronomical – around $2,500.

My approach was to work on his chest and cranial bones to remove the general tension from his upper body. Then the focus after this was inside his mouth – using a glove I treated his pterygoid muscles along with his maxilla and palatine bones. Finally, I did direct work placing pressure onto the tooth and the surrounding gum.
After three treatments my client cancelled his procedure and is now pain free.
The myofascial release approach is cutting-edge and by utilising sustained pressure the tissue was able to soften and the associated nerve pain eliminated.
For more information on how myofascial release could assist you before attempting an expensive root canal procedure feel free to contact Sheldon Stackpoole of MFR Australia on 0421 636 319.

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