Office Worker Stretches

5 Stretches For Every Office Worker

Through the advent of the modern workforce, more and more time is spent sitting down looking at computer screens. As a result of remaining fixed in one position for hours on end, bodies are becoming tighter and less flexible.

Adoptive workplaces are introducing the likes of standing desks, exercise balls and the like. Ultimately though the key is variety – mix up your day – spend some time sitting on a chair, some standing up and some on the exercise ball. This, mixed in with getting up every 30 minutes for a quick walk to loosen up should form an essential part of your day.

Five key stretches for maintaining flexibility are found below. With each stretch please hold for around 3-5 minutes as this will allow the tissue to release and soften permanently.


1) Open up chest and arms


Back Pain


2) Stretching right side of neck


Neck Pain

3) Stretching left side of neck


Right Neck Stretch for Pain

4) Left Hamstring


Left Hamstring Pain Stretch


5) Right Hamstring


Right Hamstring Stretch

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